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Colorado education law may mark a national shift

The law ties teachers' job reviews to the performances of their students on achievement tests. Similar legislation is pending in other states; federal dollars may be at stake. A landmark Colorado law that ties teacher evaluations to the progress of their students on achievement tests could help build momentum for a national movement that seeks to overhaul how instructors' tenure and pay is earned, education leaders say.
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Gaining STEAM: Teaching Science Through Art

Breaking down the walls between art, hard sciences and math, a new crop of educators is designing curricula that allow these subjects partner with one another, encouraging holistic learning. Across the country, teachers and administrators are coming to a similar conclusion: art informs science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and vice versa.
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The Maven of For-Proift Colleges

A California entrepreneur proves that you don't need a a college degree to make it big in higher education.
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Eliza Krigman

Eliza Krigman is an independent journalist based in London. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Marie Claire and the Los Angeles Times, among other leading publications. She has been a featured guest on both national radio and television. Before launching a career as an independent writer, she held staff positions at National Journal and Politico.

She grew up in Boston, MA and received her bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She can be reached at